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Useful Guidelines To Improve Responsive Design Testing

And while having a website that worked on mobile used to be a competitive advantage for businesses, now it’s a requirement for organizations who wish to survive in a highly digitalized era. While many designers had previously utilized these properties on their own, none responsive design testing had thought to integrate the methods to make a website responsive as Marcotte exemplified. •Media Queries – The rules that tell content to behave differently on different screen resolutions and adapt to conditions by defining style rules and breakpoints in CSS.

Grazitti Interactive is a global digital services provider leveraging cloud, mobile and social media technologies to reinvent the way you do business. Since 2008, Grazitti has been helping companies power their business software development services with its marketing automation and cloud innovation services. Let me know about your experiences usingResponsive Design Test by TrulyBlogger. Feel free to ask a question about the article via comment section below.


All one needs to do is, create and save a bookmark let of the website that we are trying to check. Once you click GO you will be able to select the screen size and resolution in which you want to see your website. It is a very basic and simple tool which can be used within minutes to get the desired results. You will be directed to the screen where you will be able to choose your device.

Debugging and testing your media query breakpoints is super easy when you’re using device mode. Just click on the the “waterfall” icon at the top-left of device mode and it will show you a bar graph of your breakpoints. Device mode will change the design preview so that you’re seeing what an iPhone 5 user might see. What’s more, if you notice, hire React Native Developer your mouse cursor is now a circle. When you move your mouse up and down, the design preview will scroll up and down, simulating the swipe interaction behavior. Moving your cursor over a link won’t act like you’re hovering over it (because there’s no hover on touchscreens). A useful feature this tool has is it gives you keyboard shortcuts .

So this is first reason why you should have responsive design for your website. The basic character of responsive webpage is that it organizes the content well regardless of screen size of the device. Such webpages/websites are called responsive webpages/websites.

Am I Responsive

This eliminates the need for a new design and new set of code for each new device. With responsive design, there’s one set of code that flexibly accommodates the different devices and dimensions your audience uses. That is where a responsive website testing tool comes in handy. A tool like that helps you to visualize what your website will look like and how it will function on different platforms and browsers. This can help you to spot any potential problems that your website has and enhance the experience. All the tools listed above only simulate how a website is displayed.

responsive design testing

You can check site responsiveness to various devices screens using this. With over 8.5 billion active mobile devices across the world, your website must ensure a mobile-friendly experience.

Test The Website As A User

Visual AI combined with the Ultrafast Test Cloud is the ideal solution to test responsive designs. With this combination all you need is a single line of code to capture and compare images across all viewports in your responsive design.

responsive design testing

Viewport Resizer is a free tool which can be used to see how the webpage will look in different screen sizes and resolutions. It is a very simple and easy to use tool which is completely free.

Responsive Design Testing On A Specific Mobile Device

This number drops dramatically on the weekend and rises dramatically during workday lunchtime . In the industry, running a segment of tests is called “smoke testing.” Smoke testing is a quick process that gives you confidence that you haven’t broken anything fundamental in your product. By sometimes choosing to test only your primary group of browsers, you’re effectively smoke testing for certain browser and device combinations. We can take advantage of similarities between browsers and devices.

responsive design testing

The tool includes some elements of gamification such as scores and recent results of previous site visitors. The resizer also gives some hints, so that you can make your site more mobile friendly. This is one of the most widely used tools for responsive testing. The highlight of the tool is that it is one of the easiest and simplest tool to work with. And Outsourcing Services to it the fact that it is a free web browser-based tool. To check the responsive nature of your website all you need to do is enter the URL along with then select the different size and shapes of screen available. The moment you hit the submit button, the tool will display how the website will render in device with the shape and size of your choice.

So, What Exactly Is A Responsive Design?

Thus, developers have to consider clutter and concentrate the most important aspects of the site in a visible and easy to view spot for end users. With these benefits in mind, let’s review the goals and common challenges of responsive web design. With all the different operating environments to consider for both mobile and desktop, testing teams should include real user condition testing as part of their responsive web design test plan.

Your PC is likely to have a faster network and processing speed than a mobile device. Pratyusha Surapaneni is a Senior Test Engineer at Evoke Technologies. Pratyusha is highly competent with both manual and automation tools such as Selenium and JMeter. She is quite enthusiastic and keen to explore emerging technologies.

If you’re familiar with websites, then you have a general idea of what a responsive website is. A responsive website is one that caters its features, layout, and dimensions based on how the user is accessing the website.

On Dev Tools Window locate the option call Toggle device toolbar, click it. Now the question is, where and how you can test whether a website design is responsive or not. These are a few reasons why your website design should be responsive. Simply, if your website looks responsive design testing good on different devices, it’s a good sign to make some loyal readers. Websites should be designed in a way to reflect the real-life ways that your audience is viewing your site. For certain businesses, mobile viewership may be only 10% or 20% of your overall traffic.

Two Common Ways To Test Your Site Responsive:

But responsive web design increases the number of potential users for a website or web solutions. It allows users to access the fully functional responsive design testing site even when they do not have a desktop or laptop computer available. From smart watches the size of your wrist to large screen smart TVs.

  • With desktop versions of a website, users typically use a mouse to navigate and select items.
  • Testing a responsive design starts with resizing of the browser’s window in order to fit view port of a tablet, desktop or mobile phone.
  • A study conducted by Forrester Consulting revealed that the threshold waiting time is just two seconds.
  • Google Chrome developer tools can provide network HAR file, performance metrics, and other insights.
  • A very effective approach for automation validation procedures is using computer vision systems for checking visual representation of a page with a template image.

It requires keen observation and the implementation of multiple test strategies. However, with the introduction of various testing tools and emulators, the create an app like uber process has simplified to a certain extent. Unlike desktop computers or laptops, high-speed networks may not be always available to mobile users. In such conditions, load time and performance factors come into the picture. A website’s load time should always be consistent on a mobile device. Additionally, developers should ensure that image size is minimal, when compared to the images displayed on a desktop version, which helps in reducing the load time.

If the browser is resized for testing then any click area (like buttons, menus, sub-links, etc.) of the RW should be suitable for clicking. For thorough testing of a responsive website, the tester and developer coordination is a must. The developer should help testers with creating the conditions mentioned in the prerequisites of the test cases. This product is a combination of continuously changing user content and advertising. There are also a few core parts of the user interface, such as the news feed and notifications, in the header.

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